Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 66 - My finger

This week has gone by really fast. We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I got to stay in Lewiston for a night. That was fun but it was weird to be surrounded by so many people. While there my splint was taken off and my hand is finally free! My finger will heal in a few weeks I think. I can move it a little. It doesn't fully extend or retract but I should get full motion and strength back. It might take a couple months. It might take a year or two for all the nerves to repair though.

We found a couple new investigators, and a former investigator in Kamiah 2nd texted her friend who is a member and said that she wanted to meet with the bishop because she wants to join the church. We will be meeting with her tomorrow and we're excited about it!
Things are going well here and since Christmas is coming up we are going around and telling everybody about the Church's Christmas initiative. It is going to be service based this year. The website will come up Nov. 25th so everybody should check it out. The video is so awesome. But other than that it's just more of the same going on. Teaching, preaching.

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