Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 64 - A baptism!

This week went by really fast. We only spent half of it in our area but our area is doing pretty good. Our investigator, Debbie Bosse got baptized! It was awesome cause I have been teaching her since I got here 4 and a half months ago. And another investigator of ours had her baptismal interview and passed so she will be getting baptized this Saturday most likely. Plus another miracle, an investigator we had been working with for awhile is now going to be able to be baptized! He wasn't able to before because he was living with his grandma and she wasn't sure if he would be staying but now for sure he is. It was a miracle because we had been praying for his situation to be resolved. We also got a couple of referrals this week that have a lot of potential. One of them was from Sister Lott and Sister Hulsey who stopped by a former investigator of theirs who it turns out but happened to be in Grangeville for one day. Coincidence? I think not. But anyway, she is super interested in learning more about the church cause her grandma is an active member. So we have had a lot of fun. And I got asked easily at least a hundred times what happened to my hand. 
My finger is doing fine I have an appointment for the surgeon to check how it is healing in one week. How it happened though was I was helping another missionary pack up for transfers, he had a sharp pocket knife that another missionary was using. I happened to move my hand as he did his and the knife cut my middle finger pretty deep. It also got another finger a little but not like my middle one. I almost couldn't believe it had happened. It was so dumb. But now my arm looks like a banana, so that's cool.

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