Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 54 - The sign was a lie!

Just so you know the sign was a lie. There were no cute chicks :( just the dad. 

This week has been interesting that is for sure! We have spent a lot of time trying to meet more of the members in the two wards we cover and that has led to all sorts of different experiences. Several of the Less-Active members we saw were at Church this Sunday though so it worked out for the best! We didn't get to meet with a lot of our investigators this week, but we're really hoping for this next one! We did have a pretty neat experience though the other day. We were driving past a former investigator named Debra and I felt like we should stop by and see if we could set up a time to meet with her. So we went and knocked on her door but she wasn't there at first. As we were leaving she pulled up in her truck and so we went and talked to her. And it went terribly. She was very much anti and tried to convince us that we were going to hell, that Joseph Smith was a known liar, and that the Trinity was the true nature of God. And while that was going on, both Elder Elwood and I got a little upset of course, but we felt the peace that came from knowing that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. So we tried to resolve her concerns logically but she refused to acknowledge the answers we gave her,even though, if I can say myself, they were pretty well thought out. So after we tried to reason with her and she hardened her heart and refused to listen to us, I told her that if she was willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it was true that God would answer her and that I knew for myself that it was true. She refused to even consider to ask God about it because "Jesus had already told her everything she needed." So we realized that there was nothing left for us to do and we left. Then right after we had a really great conversation with someone who was sitting outside their house smoking whom we probably wouldn't have met without that first awkward experience. That was probably the most memorable experience we had all week and it certainly has stayed with me, not because it was a bad one but because it helped me realize how much the knowledge of the gospel brings peace and changes us. This truly is the restored Church of Jesus Christ. It contains His teachings and the Priesthood of God. I sure love you all, have a great week!  

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