Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 9 - "Creepy Face" tie, "Scary Gnome" thing and Elder Shirk

Here are some pictures of my week. This is a tie I got from a returned missionary in the ward.
I call it creepy face tie. I can't really wear it out here, but maybe when I get back. 

I think I might have written about the scary gnome thing that lives in our apartment but it has moved locations.
It used to stare at me while I slept so I moved it. It now lives in the closet.

I took a picture of me and E. Shirk together but then E. Johnson felt left out so I had to take a couple with him too.
 So here these are. E. Van Ry is also in the background of one of them I think.


Okay so the little army men is something I don't think I've told you about yet. Before I came out into the field Elder Baczuk went on exchanges with Elder Johnson (not the zone leader though a different Elder Johnson) and while they were on exchanges E. Johnson hid a whole bags worth of army men around the apartment. The whole time I was with E. Baczuk he was finding them everywhere - like in the shower, in his bag, and he even found one in his suit pocket. After a while I forgot about them but a couple nights ago I walked in on Elder Shirk recording his thoughts and he was looking at one of them and talking about how he kept finding them throughout the apartment. I started laughing really hard.

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