Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 76 - flesh eating bacteria!!!

I have a story to tell that happened last night. So on Saturday we were at a fireside for our ward. After the meeting one of the members pulled us aside and asked us to come with him to give a less-active member a blessing. He had just been admitted to the ER because he fell and hurt himself. So we go with him and give him a blessing of healing. Then yesterday, Sunday, we got a call from the Bishop. And he informs us that the hospital had found that the member we blessed had a flesh eating bacteria, MRSA, all over his face and head. And to top it off he told us that the bacteria was highly contagious, and he advised us that we should call our Mission President and ask him what to do. So we did and he instructed us to stay in our apartment p-day and avoid other people and to call Sister Clark (she is the mission office nurse) for advice in the morning. So we went to bed thinking that we would be staying inside all day today and that possibly our flesh might be eaten by bacteria. Fortunately when we woke up today we had all of our flesh right where it was supposed to be and when we called Sister Clark she told us that while MRSA is contagious it is usually transmitted through open wounds and that we probably shouldn't worry about it. So everything is okay! But it was a pretty gloomy night and morning until we found out that we were gonna be fine.

Last photos with Elder Collins

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